Atlantic Real Estate Group

The Company

In 2002, Atlantic Real Estate Group was founded out of a fascination for retail, an affinity for helping communities grow, and a determination to provide personal representation that meets clients’ uniquely individual needs.

Formerly associates together at Colliers Lanard and Axilbund, Ken Bleznak and Adam Rosenfarb recognized that they share the same tireless work ethic and the same desire to devote 100% of their energy to every client on a case-by-case basis. With Atlantic, a boutique tenant representation firm, there are no go-betweens. Clients work directly with Ken and Adam from start to finish.

Motivated by their clients’ best interests, Ken and Adam pride themselves in being easily approachable, always accessible, and unquestionably accountable. When a client calls, they are there, whether they are in the office, on site, or on the ski slopes.

Ken and Adam believe that approaching every client’s requirement as a partnership yields the best results. Personal attention and hard work have enabled Atlantic Real Estate Group to form productive, longstanding relationships with its clients.


Kenneth M. Bleznak


Ken’s one-of-a-kind partnerships with retailers and restaurants generate lasting excitement and positive change—in both Philadelphia and communities nationally.

Known for his loyalty, deep understanding of retail real estate, and attentiveness and accessibility, Ken’s ability to craft the right strategy on a case-by-case basis makes every deal a success—for everyone involved.

Ken’s genuine affinity for making communities greater has resulted in numerous long-term relationships with clients on both sides of the transaction. To Ken, an investment in his clients and their needs is an investment in every person a new business touches—from the employees, to the consumers, as well as the overall community of contractors, suppliers and professionals who help make the project a success and benefit from its development.

Before starting Atlantic, Ken honed his client-focused approach at several large firms including Jackson-Cross (Insignia/ESG), Metro Commercial, and Colliers Lanard & Axibund. During his time at these companies he gained in-depth experience in market and site analysis, demographic reporting, and computerized mapping. All tools vital to the personal approach Ken considers, the difference between working ‘for’ a client or ‘with’ one.

When he’s not working, Ken loves spending time with this three children as well as energizing teams as a dedicated hockey coach. A steadfast supporter of charitable organizations, Ken is an active philanthropist in the community. To keep active, Ken plays Ice Hockey, Basketball and Skis as often as his schedule will allow.

Fun/interesting fact:

As a College sophomore, Ken became friendly with a freshman from the Maryland area. Sometime after graduation, his friend entered the Real Estate Industry as a broker in his hometown. They reconnected when his friend called to refer him a client looking to expand a gourmet grocery chain into the Philadelphia area. The story goes on for many years, but as a result of this introduction Ken has represented five different Real Estate Managers at eight different companies. The story comes full circle when his friend, now a high level VP at a major REIT had to replace an anchor tenant at a property in Ken’s area. Ironically, after 3 years of working with his friend, Ken was able to consummate the deal with a tenant which came from the original introduction some 20 years earlier. A perfect example of why no deal is more important than the relationships he makes doing what he loves.

Adam B. Rosenfarb


Adam’s energetic, thoughtful, and thorough approach to tenant representation empowers retailers and restaurateurs and exceeds their expectations.

With a natural enthusiasm, Adam takes great pride in the relationships he forges with his clients, acting as if they are an extension of himself. His tireless commitment to each project on both a personal and professional level has resulted in many rewarding long-term partnerships, some spanning almost 2 decades.

Adam’s ability to understand his client’s unique and individual needs combined with his unrelenting work ethic and capacity to attain the right information allows him to create and execute the most effective and successful strategies on their behalf.

Prior to joining Atlantic, Adam honed his skills at Michael Salove Company and Colliers, Lanard & Axibund, where he developed his knowledge for implementing and planning strategic programs for retailers and boosting their presence in the market

When he’s not busy working, Adam can be found on the tennis courts with his daughter Julia, out on the roads logging serious miles on his bike or on the ski slopes with family and friends. An ardent philanthropist who has served on the boards of many charitable organizations, his dedication to bettering communities extends into his personal life as well.

Fun/interesting fact:

At the age of 7, Adam accompanied his father, an industrial real estate broker of 45 years, to one of his inspections at a dilapidated warehouse with a prospect. When the prospect asked what Adam thought of the building, he replied: “It looks like it’s going to fall down.” Needless to say, this was the last appointment Adam attended with his father.